Talents: The Arts Club

Intergelpo 1F , Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan ,

Nuriya N. Alymkulova

Head of the Humanities department

Since its establishment, the Department of Humanities at IHSM has been actively involved in devising and implementing methods to facilitate the smooth adaptation of students through various events, competitions, and extracurricular activities. The department has successfully mentored students in both national and international competitions, securing numerous accolades and prizes across various categories such as singing, speech, drawing, and vocal arts.

The expanding scope of events organized by the department led to a group of students requesting the establishment of an arts club. This request was graciously accepted and welcomed by the Head of the Department, N.N. Alymkulova.

We cordially welcome you to "Talents: The Arts Club," which comprises six vibrant sections:

  • Adabiyyat Literature Club 📚
  • Music and Vocal Arts 🎼
  • Theatrics and Drama 🎭
  • Dancing and Choreography 💃🕺
  • Drawing 🎨
  • Handicraft 🧵🪡

We extend an open invitation to all students to join our club with enthusiasm. Stay updated on our events and proceedings by following our Instagram pages @ihsm_talents_club and @adabiyyat_club