Productive study and professional excellence is not possible without physical health. That is why two independent medical stations equipped with necessary medical equipment and essential drugs operate at IHSM to provide medical care to the students of the university. The medical staff of the stations carries out medical control over the state of health of the students, conducts outpatient appointments, and systematically organizes a medical examination of the students.
The university Clinic VEDANTA is involved in providing medical care to the students; is meets all state, international standards and modern medical requirements. The clinic is fitted with modern equipment and an ambulance, all staff speaks English.

Please note that for prompt solutions of all the issues related to the provision of medical care,
you should contact the trusted doctor Bakaeva Gulnara Erzhanovna at the address:
Bishkek, st. Fuchik №1b office №103
Phone Number:

In emergency cases, IHSM students can contact Shigaev Anarkul Aalievich (IHSM Deputy Dean for Security).
Phone: +996779922050
Phone: +996705922010

Emergency contact numbers:
Fire - 101
Police - 102
Ambulance - 103

When contacting these services, provide accurate information of the following nature:

  • Cause and nature of the emergency
  • Exact location
  • Your contact number.
  • Do not hang up until you have received permission from the dispatcher as an additional information may be needed.