Rector of IHSM

Stalbek M. Akhunbaev

Dear Students!

Over 4000 students have already graduated and around 3500 students are currently mastering medical sciences, training in our campuses and divisions.

We are International Higher School of Medicine, was established in 2003 and well-known as an ISM brand in the past. Nowadays, the International Higher School of Medicine is one of the largest and modern medical education hub in Kyrgyzstan. Our university has trained thousands of highly qualified doctors who are working in India and all-around the world.  The IHSM has accreditation of the World Federation for Medical Education, which proves our international standards of medical education.

Over the last 20 years, the IHSM has gained the status of excellence in medical education and success of our students in Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, United States Medical Licensing Examination and many other licensing exams, which is a good hallmark of this all and a benchmark for fresh challenges. Also our graduates successfully pass various screening tests at their first attempt.  

In addition to their educational and research activities, our students can demonstrate and develop their abilities in sports and arts making the student life exciting at the IHSM. 

Our alumni continue their study and work not only in their home countries, but all over the world: in USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and many other. 

I thank you for your choice to study at the International Higher School of Medicine and wish the best in advancing your career development efforts as a medical doctor!

Welcome to International Higher School of Medicine!