Issyk-Kul Campus

Issyk-Kul Campus, 3B Sovetskaya street,
722125 Cholpon-Ata

Daniial Sh. Chyngyshpaev

Vice-Rector of Issyk-Kul Campus

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of IHSM Issyk-Kul campus on behalf of our teachers, administrators and staff. IHSM Issyk-Kul campus is a new promising educational institution located in a unique recreation area, known far beyond the borders of Kyrgyzstan. Issyk-Kul attracts people with its natural beauty and recreation opportunities. 

IHSM Issyk-Kul Campus opened its doors in 2017 to welcome all of you. Professionally trained teachers pass on their knowledge to students who become future healthcare professionals. The campus has the potential to promote medical and information technology. Its goal is to meet the highest standards of a medical institution. The medical school strives to train outstanding professionals to become experts in their fields, who, in their turn, will save patients' lives.

The Campus’ infrastructure is convenient. This allows students to live comfortably and study successfully. Together we strive to become the center of health and science.
In conclusion, I want to say that everyone who has knowledge can change life in community. You can also change the lives of people - students, teachers and employees of the public education system. I'll be happy to do it with you. I wish good luck to each of you!
We invite you to study on our campus!