Are there any student organizations in the IHSM?

Yes, there are two student organizations in the IHSM:

The Student Council and the Independent Student Network "Tunduk"

How to become the best student of the IHSM?

Every year, according to the results of the examination session, the best students of the IHSM are determined and awarded with certificates and cash rewards from the partner companies “ISM Edu Tech PVT LTD” and “Educational Advisor PVT LTD”.

Where can I find my time tables?

1. Time tables are sent to the Whats App group in which your group leader is present.

2. The updated time tables are available in the Dean’s office, IHSM Central Campus, 2nd floor, Room No. 212 (Mon-Fri, 09: 00-17: 00) or by the IHSM e-services.


What should students know about visas?

Admitted international students will be provided with information about applying for a student visa in the International Cooperation Center, Central Campus, ICC Office (Mon-Fri, 09: 00-17: 00) or by the e-mail: and  0 312 644460 (office number), 0702 237090 (Whats App number).

Can I work in KR with my student visa?

No. Student visa does not allow various degrees of work permission.