Short Term Course in different areas of medicine of the International Higher School of Medicine are specifically designed for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to get experience of practice medicine in developing countries in the condition of shortage of resources. Program of short-term course in medicine is conducted on the base of IHSM clinical departments which are mostly located in IHSM Medical Clinic “VEDANTA” and other state medical settings.

During the short-term course, the visiting student will be placed in a medical organization that provides healthcare services to a wide range of people in the Kyrgyz Republic. This experience can provide a unique opportunity for the visiting student to understand and appreciate the challenges faced by medical professionals in developing countries and apply this experience in their future professional life.

The visiting student and their mentoring professor will create a plan of internship that covers areas of particular interest to the student. Students should apply for clinical training at least two months before the proposed training period due to limited capacity, and they are strongly advised to send their application as early as possible.


List of short-term courses of IHSM:


  • Duration: Normally between 2 to 4 weeks in any subject
  • Application form can be completed online and will be processed by the International Affairs Department (e mail:
  • Accommodation: IHSM will provide full assistance with searching and renting appropriate accommodation
  • Note: Students are responsible for the cost of travel, accommodation, and meals

For enquiries, please contact International Affairs Department:

Feedback - Ling Jing from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Ling Jing is a final-year medical student from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, who has been undergoing a one-month internship as part of a short-term course at the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The program was supervised by Dr. Hussain Syed Azfar, a highly experienced physician of the IHSM at the Center for Family Medicine Clinic №7.

Here is her feedback on short-term course at the IHSM:

My name is Ling Jing, and I am a final-year medical student from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. I am here in Bishkek for one month completing an elective with the International Higher School of Medicine. I am working with Dr. Hossain Syed Azfar, who is a cardiologist and doctor of functional diagnostics, at the Center for Family Medicine Clinic No. 7. This clinic serves a population of 80,000 people. We are here from 8 am to 3 pm on weekdays and see anywhere between 30 to 45 patients every day with our team of three. We keep paper records of all patient encounters, including their histories, treatments, and diagnostics. I have been learning all about running and interpreting electrocardiograms, performing the cardiac physical exam, and managing patients with cardiovascular issues such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, and cardiac arrhythmias in the outpatient setting. We have also visited patients with mobility limitations in their homes to perform ECGs and to manage their conditions. I have had a really valuable experience enhancing my theoretical and practical understanding of cardiology at this clinic through encounters with patients with cardiovascular diseases and through conducting and reading ECGs. Dr. Syed and assistant Аigul have been giving me extensive one-on-one teaching everyday through discussing notable patient cases and providing me many opportunities to practice my physical exam skills. It has been fascinating getting to experience a different healthcare setting in Kyrgyzstan and learning more about medicine around the world, and I’ve had a wonderful experience living in Bishkek!

Feedback - Agnes Strachwitz from the University of Munster, Germany

Agnes Strachwitz, a student of the University of Munster in Germany, Faculty of Medical Sciences, has undergone an internship as part of IHSM short-term courses. 

The internship of Agnes Strachwitz took place in the chosen course "Obstetrics and Gynecology" under the guidance of our experienced and highly professional Dr.  Saikal  Osmonova at the Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 6 of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health in Bishkek. 

Below is her feedback of the short-term course: 

From 7th of November to 4th of December in 2022 I took a short-term course in Gynecology and Obsterics at the University ISHM.
I have spent four very interesting weeks in the hospital. I got to see the daily work of doctors especially in postpartum care, admissioning office and in delivery department.

Most interesting for me was the parts where I could actually try to do practical work myself. I got the opportunity to assist during deliveries and during the 3rd period of labor. I could assist during cesarean’s section, and I could practice vaginal examinations as well as Leopold`s maneuver, listening to fetal heart beats or performing a CTG. This was a very valuable practice.

Very helpful for me were case studies. Looking at a patient’s history, talking through her case and trying to come up with own strategies and ideas about treatment were extremely valuable lessons.

Furthermore, I found  Dr. Saikal a very calm and patient teacher creating a pleasant environment and the best conditions for me to learn effectively. Especially accompanying her on a night shift was a very valuable experience.
In the end it maybe would have been interesting if I could have worked my own patients under direct supervision (obviously also because of the language barrier).

Before starting the course, I was asked to roughly design my own timetable. Generally, I think it is a good idea to plan a timetable in advance. However, without knowing anything about resources, the possibilities, or the subject this does not really make sense. Especially because in the end we did not follow this timetable at all.

It is better to know in advance, what kind of resources I will be able to use during my stay. Questions like: Where will my internship take place (which hospital?)? Who will be responsible for me? How much time during the day would my mentor be able to teach me, how much time do they usually work?

Overall, I found it rather difficult to communicate a structure during my stay. My intention why I came was to have an internship in the hospital, which might be similar to a residency program. The University on the other hand offered me a short-term course. In the end it was probably a mixture of both, which made it sometimes a little bit confusing for me.

However, I found communication very convenient, and I enjoyed  Dr. Saikal ́s as well as the University ́s flexibility.

Feedback - Henry Ernst from Hannover Medical School, Germany

Henry Ernst is a fourth-year medical student from Hannover Medical School, who has been undergoing a one-month internship as part of short-term courses at the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) in Bishkek. The program was supervised by Dr. Zhibek Kulekova, dermatovenerologist at “Vedanta” Medical Clinic.

"Hi, my name is Henry Ernst, I am a 23-year old student at Hannover Medical School, in Germany. I came to Bishkek this September 2023, to undergo a one-month internship program offered by IHSM. I was working at “Vedanta” Medical Clinic, under Dr. Zhibek Kulekova’s supervision. 

I was designated to the surgical department, where I was involved in observing surgical procedures, learning the basics of surgery, and assisting in preparing operations. In the outpatient clinic, I worked with patients, conducting examinations, and consultations under the supervision of experienced doctors.
Overall I found the short-term courses at “Vedanta”, provided by IHSM, to be a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth. I was extremely impressed by the welcome and kindness of the medical staff in assisting me during the internship. I also appreciate the chance to learn from experienced doctors and interact with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds."

FEEDBACK- India Mayhook-Walker from the University of Sheffield, UK.

India Mayhook-Walker is a final year medical student from the University of Sheffield, The Medical School, UK. She was undergoing 6 weeks internship as part of a short-term course at the International Higher School of Medicine in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

"Hello, my name is India Mayhook-Walker, and I am a final year student at the University of Sheffield, the Medical School, UK. This year I was looking for international programs with placement offers to do part of my medical elective internship. Among diverse offers, I selected short-term courses at IHSM in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

I was working at the National Hospital in Kyrgyzstan, in the department of general surgery. The program was supervised by Aysaev Aziz Yusupzhanovich, Ph.D. in Medicine, associate professor at the National Hospital under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the short-term course, I was immersed in the environment of the medical organization that provides medical services to a wide range of the population in Kyrgyzstan and was involved in various surgical interventions. I gained practical experience and exposure to a diverse patient population.

Generally, I found the short-term courses at IHSM to be a valuable opportunity for professional and personal growth. I was impressed by the dedication and resourcefulness of the medical staff in delivering quality care to patients. Along with that, I would like to mention how much I am grateful for the mentorship provided by Aysaev Aziz and the entire general surgery department team, whose guidance has been instrumental in my development. The encouragement and support I received have been beyond measure, and I am confident that the lessons learned will serve as a strong foundation for my future endeavors.

I would like to express my appreciation to the entire IHSM team for making my internship a truly fulfilling experience. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during this period to my future pursuits, and I genuinely hope our paths cross again.

Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to staying connected in the future."