Students come to IHSM from different countries with their own culture, traditions, and lifestyle. The main goal of the administration and teachers is to help them to adapt to the new conditions. Sometimes simple information about renting a house, places to buy clothes and food is very essential for a normal student life. We provide students with places in student dormitories.

IHSM hostels are a unique place to live, exchange ideas and knowledge. They are home to students mainly from India and Pakistan. Near the hostels there are canteens with national cuisine. In addition, each hostel is supervised by IHSM teachers and supervisors from India, Pakistan and other countries, who assist students during the period of adaptation in a foreign environment, and contribute to maintaining their physical and mental health. IHSM hostels are equipped with the modern security systems. Therefore, the students who live in dormitories feel comfort, confidence and freedom.

Our students undergo an annual medical examination and receive qualified medical care at the University Hospital Vedanta. 

On the basis of the clinic, a Center for Simulation Medicine is created, which is equipped with modern means of simulation training and virtual (computer) simulators that create a real clinical situation. In their free time, students have the opportunity to practice at the Simulation Medicine Center and at the university clinic to develop and improve special medical skills.

We try to ensure that our students are all-round people, so they are provided not only with accommodation and medical care, but also social, cultural and sports events are organized where they can show themselves. They have the opportunity to create hobby groups, attend dances, vocal classes in the Sensation music group, sports sections in cricket, football, volleyball and chess, and also join the student organizations IHSM Student Council and Tunduk.

IHSM Student Council is the main and only body that represents the students in the university administration and the executive body of student government. It is elected by the students. The main goal of the Student Council is to define and protect the rights of students, ensure the welfare of the entire student community, ensure student participation in the overall management of IHSM, and represent students’ interests in administrative, academic and non-academic areas.

The independent student organization Tunduk is aimed at assisting the students in the active participation  in social, cultural and sports venues, mutual enrichment and rapprochement of cultures, familiarizing students with the traditions and culture of other countries, including Kyrgyzstan.

The diversity of student life allows IHSM students not only to expand their educational opportunities, but also to take an active life position, develop creative abilities, improve themselves and feel life in all its vivid manifestations. The administration and teachers make every effort to ensure that upon returning to their homeland, foreign students act as cultural ambassadors of IHSM.