Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases
Hospital, 70/1 Lev Tolstoy street,
Bishkek, 720009

Ainura Z. Kutmanova

Head of the Department, D.Sc.(Medicine), Professor

Welcome to the Department of Infectious Diseases website!

The Department of Infectious Diseases was established in 2017 and has quickly made significant strides in both educational activities and research, enhancing the quality of student training.

The scale of the department's activities is determined by the scientific and pedagogical potential of its staff, who are engaged in educational, scientific, and medical activities.

In today's rapidly changing world, our society faces challenges such as HIV infection, malaria, COVID-19, Nipah virus disease, and more, necessitating the preparation of highly qualified specialists capable of combating infectious diseases. This is the main mission of our department.

It is important for us not only to train students with high knowledge in the field of infectious diseases but also to foster an interest in practical skills and research work through participation in conferences, competitions, and publications.

Currently, the Department of Infectious Diseases continues to actively develop, adhering to advanced technologies in the field of modern education, utilizing all our strengths, knowledge, and capabilities.

In line with our mission, we look forward to our meeting and are ready to contribute to the training of a new generation of leaders in medicine!