The mission of the personnel management department (Human Resources Department) is to form a team of highly professional specialists engaged in high-quality educational activities based on humanitarian, ethical and moral principles.

Our goal is to implement the policy of the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) in the field of personnel management in accordance with the development strategy and plans, based on a human resources management system aimed at maximizing the realization of the personnel’s potential.

Our values: Professionalism, team spirit, creativity, conviction, respect, recognition, rich experience, continuity of generations.

Tasks of the HR department:

  • Creation of a human resources management system aimed at strengthening the competitive advantages of the IHSM through the introduction of modern HR-technologies for personnel management;
  • Organization of work with personnel in accordance with the general goals of the educational institution, specific areas of personnel policy;
  • Marketing activities, including recruitment, hiring, adaptation of personnel and staffing of structural units of the IHSM;
  • Staff training and coordination of work to improve the qualification of employees and the development of their professionalism;
  • Implementation of a system for assessing the business and personal qualities of employees;
  • Implementation of a system of motivation for productive activities of personnel and career growth;
  • Creating and maintaining a favorable social and psychological climate in the team;
  • Automation of accounting, analysis and storage of personalized data and documentation.

Main functions of the HR department:

  • analysis and forecasting of personnel development in the areas of activity carried out by the structural units of IHSM;
  • determination of the gradation of criteria for evaluating a candidate for a position according to competencies and personal characteristics, selection and adaptation, development (training) of personnel;
  • development and implementation of criteria for assessing efficiency of staff performance as well as the organization, coordination and control of conducting the assessment;
  • organization and control of personnel records management and workflow;
  • organization and control of the motivation system, social protection of personnel and labor discipline;

We work in a team of professional and creative employees and we are an attractive employer who offers the opportunity for professional development and career growth.