Supplies and Maintenance Department

Central Campus, 1F Intergelpo street,
Bishkek, 720054

Ulan A. Kochekbaev

Head of the Department

Welcome to the IHSM Supplies and Maintenance Department!

As a structural subdivision of IHSM the Department of Supplies and Maintenance controls appropriate functioning of the electric and communication systems, observes IHSM premises keeping them in good condition with the standards of sanitation, safety and fire safety, conducts preventive maintenance of heating, water supply, lighting, ventilation and sewage systems, responsible for cleaning and landscaping, provides the proper storage of material assets, maintaining records and reporting of their spending, organizes transportation.

Doing all this works Supplies and Maintenance Department ensures appropriate condition of the offices and classes of IHSM for the staff and students to work and study.  Thus we assist IHSM on its way to achieve its goals.