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Arriving in the Kyrgyz Republic

Welcome to the Kyrgyz Republic!


You need to do two things when you enter the Kyrgyz Republic:

1.  Check your passport to make sure that the boarder officer has put an entry stamp indicating that you entered on a certain date, in a certain visa status, e.g. S
2. Print your e-visa form or keep an electronic copy on your phone as you will need it for other purposes.



You must register your arrival with the International Cooperation Center within 5 or 30 days (dependent on citizen country) from the start entry stamp on your passport, otherwise you will pay FINE. For register your arrival you must provide the following documents:

- Certificate of residence (справка по месту жительства) to be obtained from hostel manager; 

- If you reside in a rented apartment, please submit the following documents you take from the apartment owner:

1. The notarized consent certificate from the owner (нотариально заверенное согласие);

2. The apartment technical parameters certificate main page copy ("технический паспорт" копия обложки)

3. А copy of apartment owner's ID passport (копия ID паспорта собственника).


Please take your passport and visa document for registration at the ICC. If you have F dependents who have accompanied you to the Kyrgyz Republic, please take their visa documents and passports to the ICC as well. The ICC staff will provide important immigration- related information, and will answer any questions you may have.


Please communicate with the International Cooperation Center  by mail, by telephone: +996 702237090 (WA).