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Ekaterina V. Samaeva

Head of support service

Welcome to the Support Service page!

On January 4, 2021, at IHSM, a completely new department was created in the structure of the Dean Office-Student Support Service.


Two main questions can potentially be attributed to the trajectory of student support service:

1. Academic support is a set of programs and activities that provide academic adaptation and integration of new students into the university community, academic advice to students on the choice of a learning path and other aspects of academic activity.

2. Social support is a mechanism for preventing and protecting students from social risks, as well as mitigating and eliminating their consequences.


Social risks represent the possibility of socially unfavorable situations, which necessitate the provision of support to the student by the IHSM. The most significant social risks include:


  • Socio - economic risks: insufficient financial resources to complete training and optimal life support during the period of study at the IHSM;
  • Socio-cultural risks: adaptation of students to new conditions of study and living, adaptation of students to life in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Health risks: newly identified somatic diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, trauma, etc., psychological support;
  • Safety risks: conflict situations that have arisen during the interaction of students with each other and with the local population, emergency situations associated with a threat to life and health, etc.



Samaeva Ekaterina Valentinovna